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Auto Draw Box-White

Auto Draw Box-White
  • Auto Draw Box-White
  • Auto Draw Box-White
  • Auto Draw Box-White
  • Auto Draw Box-White
Product name : Auto Draw Box-White
Product No. : 2019422135425
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 Auto Draw Box Feature:
1. Battery Capacity: 400mah
2. Preheat Function: 2.0V
3. Variable Voltage(2.6V, 3.0V, 3.4V, 3.8V)
4. With a 0.5ml no-leaking CBD cartridge  
5. Auto draw, no button, use knob to adjust voltage
6. Micro USB Charge  
7. Multi color LED indicator   
8. Long lasting battery
9. Magnetic Connection
10. Palm Design

Package Include:
1X 400mah Battery, 1x Micro USB Cable, 2X Magnetic Rings, 1X User Manual, 1X Gift Box

Avarial Color:
Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Orange, Gold, Gray

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